boudoir photography definition


In photography, boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sensual images. Women pose in lingerie for fine art photographs to share with their significant other. These types of portraits are sensual and sexy and can be empowering. Nudity is implied and tasteful, it can even be elegant.

  1. These photos are a way to document how great you look and feel about yourself at any season in your life.
  2. This type of photography is wildly popular from New York to California and everywhere in between!
  3. Photo albums from boudoir shoots make for the perfect wedding day, holiday, anniversary and birthday gifts. Not to mention, bridal boudoir for a groom’s gift has become extremely popular.

Boudoir portraits are a popular genre of photography and you will find many different styles from many different photographers. It is best to look through several photographers portfolios to find the one that fits what you are looking for. With any type of shoot it is usually best to find someone that specializes. This is for the same reasoning you wouldn’t go to a sushi restaurant for Italian food. Someone that specializes will have way more experience in posing you, helping you prepare and getting your best angle.

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