Boudoir Photography and Confidence

“Self discovery is the most empowering time of your life, you remember who you are and you become the best version of yourself but what they forget to tell you is, to get to a point of pleasure you must face the pain.” Nikki Rowe

Everyone gets nervous no matter how confident they are. It’s like walking out onto a stage with hundreds of people staring at you waiting for you to say something brilliant. It can be very intimidating and make you want to crawl back into bed and forget about the whole thing. Well, let me tell you when you go out onto that stage and say your brilliant thing and everyone gives you a standing ovation you will have a feeling like no other. It is exhilarating. Doing a boudoir session is very much the same feeling afterward. You are elated and excited and feel like you just did something awesome except with this you will be able to relive those feelings every single time you look at your gorgeous pictures.

Are you asking yourself How do I know I am ready? How will I get over being nervous? It’s simple really. Using the same tricks as the nervous speaker would use going out onto the stage. No, not picturing everyone naked, that might freak you out more. Instead, focus on why you are there and the outcome. Trust me, you will be so pleased with the results you will wonder why you were ever nervous, to begin with. 

Three things to focus on

  1. The main reason you are doing a session. Whether it is a gift for yourself or your significant other, keep the focus on that and why you are giving this gift. 
  2. Think about the end product. All those gorgeous images of yourself and how they will be displayed in a beautiful album just for you. 
  3. Envision how you are going to feel the first time you see your photos. How you will feel looking back at them in ten years, twenty years, and thinking to yourself just how hot you were.

Don’t make excuses

The two things I hear over and over from women: “When I get the courage to do a session I am going to call you”. “When I lose ten pounds and get in shape I am going to book a session”. I am going to call women out on both of these excuses and tell them that those ten pounds do not matter and the courage is there, you just have to tell yourself you are ready. 

Let’s talk about those ten pounds that honestly no one else sees but you. You are gorgeous just as you are. Still worried about the ten pounds? Okay, then let me tell you about posing and how different poses can make you look slimmer all while being a sex bomb. I also have outfit suggestions that will boost your confidence and make you look ten pounds thinner. Wearing lingerie for your body type is also a game-changer. Including the fact that I am an expert at posing every type of body in the most flattering of ways.

Summing up

Don’t let being nervous hold you back from something amazing. You got this. Now book your session and let’s choose a date for your bomb AF boudoir shoot!

boudoir photography and confidence
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About Couture Boudoir

Critsey Rowe, Couture Boudoir’s photographer, is an experienced, internationally published, and respected boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel comfortable and beautiful. With the help of female-only assistants and stylists, Critsey celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.


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