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It makes me incredibly proud when I read a review from a client and see how fun their shoot was for them and how much they love their photos. My biggest goal is helping my clients feel relaxed and confident during their photoshoot. Here is what one of my sweet Charlotte NC clients had to share…

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?
Last year as I was planning my wedding, I was trying to look for unique experiences that could celebrate this momentous event. I can’t remember how, but I stumbled across boudoir photography and I was immediately intrigued. My fianće and I had talked about surprising each other with gifts on the morning of our wedding that we would open as we were getting ready apart. This seemed like the perfect gift for him! Ultimately we decided not to give each other gifts and I changed the date of my session to a few months after the wedding (once the stress of planning was behind me!) but I really look forward to showing him the pictures when they arrive.

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What made your decision to book Couture Boudoir specifically?
I believe I looked up “best boudoir photographers” and came across Critsey at Couture Boudoir. When I saw that she was based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I couldn’t believe it! I inquired shortly after and booked my session.

What were you most nervous about before your boudoir session?
I was nervous about a few things:

  1. Ordering the perfect lingerie – I don’t typically wear lingerie so I was not sure what would look good and worried I wouldn’t find a set that photographed well.
  2. Posing – Without having mastered a “sexy pout”, I was worried I would look silly in the shots. I also felt intimidated when I tried to practice at home.
  3. Unchartered terrain – Since I have never done a photoshoot like this (where I would be quite exposed), I just didn’t know quite what to expect and how I would feel.

Describe how you felt during your session?
Although I was quite nervous leading up the session, when I arrived I started to feel a lot more comfortable.

  1. Hair & Makeup – I was specific about the look I wanted and the HMU stylist delivered completely! I was so happy with how it turned out and felt really confident.
  2. Chatting with Critsey – Getting to meet Critsey “IRL” really helped calm my nerves. She is so friendly and we had a really nice conversation (not even related to the shoot!) and I knew I would feel comfortable with her as my photographer.
  3. Nailing the poses – Once I got the hang of the poses, I felt really confident! I remember reading somewhere it was better to just jump into the experience and not worry about looking/feeling silly so I did just that and it made such a huge difference.

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your boudoir photos?
The photos absolutely exceeded my expectations! Some of the poses as we were taking the pictures I wasn’t sure about, but seeing how they came out was so gratifying. As I look at the pictures, I can hardly believe that it’s me!

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couture boudoir®

Describe your overall experience with Couture Boudoir…
If you are looking for an opportunity to feel confident, sexy, empowered and alive, then I recommend you book a boudoir session with Critsey Rowe! I would say this experience is perfect for anyone that learns about boudoir photography and walks away curious about it. I stumbled upon the concept when I was planning my wedding, was very intrigued and decided to email Critsey and learn more. It’s an amazing coincidence – and maybe a sign from the universe! – that a world renowned boudoir photographer was based in the same city I was and she had availability! While the experience is an investment (lingerie, personal grooming/care appointments, photoshoot itself), I can say that is was so well worth the money. Not knowing what to expect and how I would feel, I was quite nervous in the weeks before the shoot but as soon as I met Critsey in person, I felt relaxed. She is really easy to chat with, really kind, and you can tell she loves what she does. I sent a few emails to her in advance of the session and she was always really down to earth and accommodating, so I guess I should have expected that she would be this way in person too… but I was intimidated before walking into the shoot!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately Critsey gives you all the guidance you need for the poses so I would just focus on listening to her suggestions for where your positioning should be and making sure that you feel really gorgeous on the day of. Don’t underestimate the power of professional hair & makeup – which Critsey provides! – to give you that extra boost of confidence. The other piece is just letting go of your inhibitions and leaning into the experience! I remember feeling a little silly in the beginning, but then I made the decision to just go for it, act like a supermodel (which I already felt like) and trust Critsey completely with regard to posing.

The pictures came out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! I know when I look at these pictures for the rest of my life, I will be in awe of the confidence I had and will remember this very special photoshoot.

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