Boudoir photo props top ten list

Here are the top ten items that will make your boudoir shoot a little more fun.

1. Flowers or rose petals. If you are really courageous you can do a final shot in the tub with nothing to cover you except flower petals. This shot also works great with bath bubbles.

2. Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Many of my clients have read this book and it definitely sparks creative juices. A lace mask, silk ribbon and a whip all can bring out your vixen for photos.

boudoir photo props

3. Any kind of prop that has to do with your man’s hobby. If he loves to watch sports his favorite team jersey can be used as a prop. Or if he is a huge football/basketball fan bring a football/basketball as a prop. If he loves to read the morning paper with a cup of coffee this can be cute for you to reenact.

4. Any kind of prop that has to do with your man’s business/job. If your honey is a contractor, bring his tool belt. If he is a lawyer, bring his briefcase. If he is a Pilot bring his pilot shirt and wings. You get the idea…

boudoir photo props

5. Some of your guy’s clothing. His favorite button down or favorite T-shirt. His favorite hat or pair of boots. His favorite leather jacket. The wrist watch you bought him for your one year anniversary. Think of something he wears all the time or that you gifted to him that will make for a  special meaning.

6. Jewelry! A group of long pearl necklaces with nothing else can be ultimately sexy. Don’t like pearls, bring any type of long necklaces. Also statement pieces can bring the eye straight to your cleavage, big chunky jewelry looks best.

7. Hair jewelry or head pieces can change your look. Don’t be afraid to use big dramatic pieces, they can make your photos unique and stand out.

8. Any type of signs or lettering that says sexy, love, xoxo, your guy’s name, a heart. It can be really small or really big.

boudoir photo props

9. Champagne bottle and a glass can make for a sexy prop, plus you can drink it too!

10. If either of you play a musical instrument bring it along. It can be fun to incorporate a guitar or other instrument.

Bonus 11. If you are a bride or newlywed, bring your bridal accessories such as veil, garter and even your wedding dress for props.

So of course use this list sparingly. Your photographer will be creative with what you bring but they might be overwhelmed if you bring everything on this list. Mostly focus on bringing great pieces of lingerie and let your body do the talking for your photos. You do not need a prop in every single image.