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Hello, my lovelies! I often share boudoir love notes my clients send me. Recently I decided to start interviewing my wonderful clients after their boudoir session to get some insight into why they did their shoot, how it made them feel, and more. I think this can be so helpful to the women that want to do a session but are super nervous or apprehensive. Hopefully, this can give you insight and make you feel more confident to book your session!

Was there anything holding you back from booking a boudoir session?

No, my session was a gift from my boyfriend. It was an excellent gift! I loved the experience.

What made your decision to book Couture Boudoir specifically?

My boyfriend found it from a recommendation from a caterer we used for our December holiday party. Yvette Kerns (Petite Cook Charlotte)

What were you most nervous about before your boudoir session?

Yes, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.

Describe how you felt during your session? 

The hair and makeup were excellent. When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe that was me. I felt like a model. I loved the glued-on eyelashes most of all – I’ve never had those. They made my eyes really “pop”. I was nervous, but only for a second! Meeting Critsey was like meeting a friend at a PTA meeting. So comfortable and easy-going. Girl Next Door!!

What I loved most of all, was the way Critsey laid out all my “outfits” on the bed and then narrowed it down my wardrobe for me. The outfits she picked were my favorites and she didn’t even see me in them. I thought that was amazing – the way she analyzed and then the way she ordered the outfits in how we would shoot was so cool. Yes, I let go of my inhibitions.

The photo of me naked with the ND football is my favorite and will be my boyfriend’s as well!! That is the only sneak peek photo I showed him. He loved it!!! We were out that afternoon and he was telling my friends how beautiful the photo was – then he asked me to show my friend the picture and I did. It was not a picture of me naked – but instead a beautiful piece of art!! So stunning!! I have no issues showing my group of friends the finished album. This is so classy and elegant. Tasteful and SEXY!!!

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your boudoir photos? And how would you describe your boudoir photos? Did they meet or exceed your expectations?

I fell on the floor with how amazing, beautiful and sexy these were. They are just over the top incredible. I love them. They exceeded my expectations. I had looked at the Couture Boudoir website and was in awe of some of the pictures. Some of my pictures could fit right in – with some of the beautiful women that I saw. Incredible!!

Describe your overall experience with Couture Boudoir…

Fantastic!! I would do this again in a heartbeat!!!

What would you tell other women hesitant in booking a boudoir session?

Just do it!!! It is empowering! It will make you feel amazing.

Anything else you would like to add?

THANK YOU!!! Thank you for an incredible experience. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s face when he flips through the pictures. xoxox

Follow up email after receiving the book

Oh Critsey!
The book is here!!! It’s amazing and so, so, so beautiful! I can’t believe how gorgeous the presentation is! John and I have a special dinner planned for tomorrow night and I was going to present the book to him then…but now that I have the book I can’t wait, I’m giving it to him tonight – I can’t wait to see his reaction.
I hope I don’t need to call 911:)
I will let you know what he thinks. Tonight is going to be epic!

Your talent and eye are amazing! Thank you for making me look and feel like a supermodel.

Along with John – I can’t wait to share this book with my friends!


Ms. T


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