Boudoir interview: The Lingerie Addict

Lingerie can really set the mood for your boudoir session and can help create amazing imagery. I reached out to Cora at The Lingerie Addict, one of the top lingerie experts in the industry with a few questions to help women prepare for their boudoir shoot.

Besides being a guru on all things lingerie you have had several boudoir shoots yourself. What advice would you give to women doing a boudoir session for the first time? Oh my goodness…I don’t consider myself a guru! I just really like lingerie, and it turns out lots of other people do too. But, in terms of having a boudoir photoshoot, I think the most important thing is to find a photographer you feel comfortable with. If anything feels off, anything at all, don’t go through with the session. It doesn’t mean that individual is a bad photographer or a bad person; they’re just not the right boudoir photographer for you. And if you don’t feel comfortable, it will show in your photos.

What essential piece of lingerie would you say is a must have for a boudoir shoot?The most essential thing is whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident and sexy. Everyone’s tastes and preferences are so different; it’s hard to say that any one piece will work for everyone. I’d say just to have an open mind, be willing to experiment, and wear what you love. A plain white cotton tee can be just as powerful as a corset and stockings. It’s all about the person wearing them.

There are so many different body types, what tip would you give for finding lingerie that fits properly? I see a lot of people get very hung up on size and not wanting to wear a larger size even if that size is what fits best in that particular brand. Listen: there is no consistency in lingerie sizing. Everyone is using their own size charts, their own patterns, and their own way of making products. It is 100% normal to take one size in Brand A, another size in Brand B, and a third size in Brand C. Focus on how the garment fits you, not what the tag says. If you’re willing to experiment with multiple sizes, even if they’re not your usual size or preferred size, it becomes much easier to find the lingerie that works for you.

With so many amazing lingerie designers out there who would be your top three picks for quality, diverse selection in sizing and style? Well, I would actually recommend looking at boutiques instead of designers if you’re looking for diverse selection sizing and style. Every designer has their own way of doing things, their signature, so to speak. So, if you want to see a variety, you need to go to the stores that stock a lot of brands. I recommend for inexpensive lingerie. ASOS is also another great place to shop with a range of brands and sizes and price points. Finally, Nordstrom has really upped their lingerie game lately and their return policy is second to none.

Thanks Cora for all your insight!

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Photo Credit Lydia Hudgens Photography
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