Barbie Boudoir "Little Ms. Celebrity"

Back by popular demand some more photos of my most famous client and yes she knows it. She is always a bit of a diva during her sessions but the photos always turn out gorgeous. She can be a bit stiff and unmoving at times but really she knows how to work the camera. And to some more of her past sessions click HERE.

Here is a peek at her recent session…


  1. Awesome work! I love it. It\’s as if you can actually feel like she\’s real for just a moment. If you can pose a doll and do beautiful work, I know you you can work with anyone. Well done! Bravo!!

  2. Hahahaa I love her modesty when she covered her boobs, these always make me laugh, I just imagine…taking a picture, stopping, reposing the doll, no wait, that does look right…no stay in that position, dont fall over, damnit!! Lol, btw we are still enjoying your book, look at it even after all these months for inspiration, when are we going to see a follow up?

  3. These are fantastic and quite funny too! I love the tiny garter belt/fishnet stocking combination, as well as the just-removed panties. 😀 Fabulous!

  4. that is awesome!! She has some pretty fantastic lingerie too!!! lol

  5. Hilariously fantastic and inspiration for my shoot next week! xo

  6. You totally rocked this session!!!

  7. These are gorgeous. I love your Barbie Boudoir stuff!

  8. Absolutely FANTASTIC! I can\’t get enough of your Barbie shoots!

  9. Awesome work Critsey. I have a question for you. Is this a special Barbie doll (e.g. a special edition that has a name?)or can I just go to toys\’r\’us and look for any barbie? I think this is an awesome idea for trying poses and compositions before having a real model. Sorry if my question is stupid. I\’m a guy so I\’m more expert with lego and G.I.Joe than barbies)

    • She is a special barbie and costs around $200 I got her from my sister who collects dolls. She has a few of them that I borrow from time to time. They do sell less expensive bendable barbies like her at toys r us. They just do not have the sultry look she has.

  10. Thanks a lot for the fast reply! yes it makes sense. I checked some barbies on the web and the bendable ones are called pivotal barbies. They do sell a line called fashionista barbie for around 15$ but they have this fake toy look and not as detailed as the one in your pics. Please let us know if you manage to know the line or model name of this one. Also did you use a macro lens for the shots or an 85mm or other lens? Thanks again and your book is awesome btw

  11. Oh, Great! Another star in her late teens that was popular since she was 6 that want\’s to prove she\’s all grown up and a bit of a bad girl by posing in sexy stuff!

  12. That\’s great! Best wishes from Germany!