Boudoir Love Notes

I love getting feedback and I especially love hearing what my client’s significant other had to say about their gift!

Critsey shot our wedding, and I have been admiring her boudoir photos on Instagram for a while. I was finally able to book a boudoir session with her for a flower bath shoot. I decided to pose in lingerie since I was going to be gifting the album to my husband for our anniversary. Critsey guided me through all the poses and helped me pick which outfits would look best. I’ve never felt so confident in front of a camera, and she helped me feel so beautiful.

When I got the pictures back, I could not believe that it was me! I loved every photo, imperfections and all, even with them not being edited yet. After I picked the photos for my album, I fell even more in love with myself. I have so much more appreciation and love for my body.

When my husband got the photos he was so amazed, he said it was the best gift I had ever given him and that he would cherish it forever. I was a little nervous about giving photos of myself as a gift and thought it might seem self-absorbed, but he loved it! Another collection of special moments from Critsey, we’ll love on forever!” Mrs A

Lingerie photo boudoir