An intimate interview with Ally Teal of Guilty Pleasures

A big thank you to the fabulous Ally Teal of Guilty Pleasures|Sexy Lingerie You Covet Blog for taking the time to answer some very important questions that will not only help every girl with her boudoir shoot but will help with your everyday decision’s on lingerie.

These days more and more women are having boudoir photographs taken. Being an expert in the lingerie fashion world – what main staple item would you recommend for a woman to wear for her boudoir session?

Your words honor me and I thank you for the flattering name, but I don’t see myself as an expert per se. I am a woman, and as many other women out there, I am crazy in love with lingerie. What I see in lingerie is that piece of clothing that awakens all my senses and makes me feel beautiful and confident, no matter how hard my days are. It was just recently that I started coquetting with the idea of boudoir photography, so you see, I’ve been using this time to narrow down my favorite lingerie styles. When I think of a boudoir session, I picture silk and lace, corsets, girdles, body suits, bras, panties, suspender belts (think Dita von Teese) and stockings. I like being creative, so I would definitely try different combinations, but if I were to pick one mandatory item, it would definitely be the garter.

Is there any item that you think women of all sizes should have? 

Hmm, there are so many answers going through my mind right now. Many lingerie items should be in a woman’s drawer, but number 1 on the must-have list is by far the corset. A professional corset can mold a body to perfect curves painlessly, and also gives a certain sense of goddess power that any woman craves for. Wearing a designer corset can make you happy just by putting it on. When in doubt of what style or size to buy, I warmly recommend choosing the services of bespoke corset designers. There are many talented designers who can create a masterpiece corset at request, and the price is worth it.

What are the hot trends for this year?

Well, in lingerie world, trends are a way of simply repeating the past, but in a more appealing form and with a little twist. I’ve noticed that in 2012, more designers focus on colors and on the energy they want to transmit through their creations. They are looking for the “diva” kind of sexy and they are also keen on how their lingerie appeals to women’s desires, not just to their basic expectations of comfort. This is the kind of lingerie I’ve always enjoyed wearing and I’m very happy that now I have more options to choose from. Earthy colors and floral tones like orange, blue, red, purple, green are very popular.  Ageless natural tones like cognac, nude, and brown are still in trend. As for the fabrics, soft satins and sheer lace are the top favorite choices.

Well fitted lingerie is a must during a photo shoot – do you have any tips on buying proper sizing?

Oh, yes! Well fitted lingerie is a must for women everywhere, anytime. Well fit means clean lines, no bulges, no double-boobs, no panty lines. When thinking of buying a new type of lingerie, I recommend all women to schedule their shopping session at a brick and mortar boutique. Each body is different and not everything looks good on everybody. You may like how a bra looks in a photo, but it’s different when you put it on you, even if it’s the right size. Getting the right size is also tricky, especially for bras. If you’re lucky and you don’t go through significant weight changes, one visit to the expert fitter should be enough. When your weight increases or decreases, sizes change too. Once you know your sizes, never compromise. Buying beautiful lingerie on sale is any woman’s dream, but if the store doesn’t have the right size (even if that means one size larger or smaller), don’t buy it. Lingerie is meant to be worn and to look great on you, not in a drawer.

Do you have a favorite line for this year that women should be sure to check out?

Oh, yes! This list could be two pages long, but I will refrain to list my top favorite 2012 collections. I warmly recommend keeping an eye on I.D.Sarrieri, Simone Perele, Fortnight Lingerie, Claudette, Mimi Holiday, Andres Sarda and Bordelle.


Can you give us a short bio on your site?

With pleasure. My passion for lingerie started in my first year of college, when I received a garter set as a present from a close friend. I was (and still am) a very shy person, but when I put that garter on, I felt much more confident and just a little more audacious. Whenever my friends and I went shopping, I would always stop by the lingerie boutiques, while they would be surfing the shoe stores. I was able to stay there for hours and analyze each and every piece detail by detail. The happiness of wearing a ‘perfect’ lingerie set was (and still is) overwhelming and it really is a feeling I can’t get when buying a new dress or a new pair of shoes. A guilty pleasure indeed. Today we see bras and panties in any shop, even at the supermarket. Women buy them because they just need a new bra. But I beg to differ. Lingerie is meant to make women feel beautiful inside and out, and you can’t buy that at a supermarket. That is why I decided to create, to spread that word about the lingerie that boosts confidence, looks good, is feminine and gives us that edge that men like so much. Guilty Pleasures is a blog about first-class sexy lingerie, with tips and recommendations for men and women of all sizes, ages and sexual orientation. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with other people who have similar passions. They helped me build-up the blog into the online resource it is now and I am grateful for their help.

Thanks again Ally! Readers be sure to stop by the Guilty Pleasures blog!