your privacy is important

When you are photographed by Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir®, certain measures will be taken to keep your photos private. Images will be placed on a professional password protected website for you to view.
If you decide to decline to share your images on the Couture Boudoir® website or other marketing, please be assured your images will be kept private.

First of all, no images are ever shared without my clients written consent. The images on this site are real clients, not models I have received consent from each woman to post her images. I do not publish any images without the clients written consent. Some clients are excited to share and show off their beautiful images and others may not be in the position to share due to profession or community commitments. No matter what you decide I will fully respect your decision.

I have earned a great reputation on being discreet with my clientele. No matter if you are a celebrity or the girl next door your images are safe with me. I value your privacy. I know it is a lot to ask someone to trust me so I do have a non disclosure agreement we can sign upon request.

Couture Boudoir® understands the importance of personal privacy, and wants to be certain that you understand the steps that will be taken to protect the confidentiality of the professional images taken. The privacy policy of Couture Boudoir® is set forth below.

Couture Boudoir® uses the utmost industry measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal images:

  • Including the use of professional password protected private online viewing
  • Professional labs and album binding to protect against unauthorized reproductions
  • I do not publish any images without the clients written consent
  • Discreet plain box shipping of products

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