before & after

I have a BEAUTY GUIDE that will be sent to you upon booking. It has many great tips and wardrobe suggestions for your session. It will help you prepare for the session and give you a list of wardrobe items that may help with problem areas that may not be easily retouched. If you have any questions about retouching please contact me anytime.

On your portrait day, I will share a more detailed version of “Before & After Retouching” slideshow on my iPad.


My stylist is amazing and will consult with you on whether you want a soft natural look or something more dramatic.


The stylist will enhance your natural beauty and not cover it up. If you have beautiful freckles you do not need to worry about us making you look photoshopped or like you have caked on makeup. (with that said we do get requests for freckles and moles to be removed, that is not a problem either.)


Before & After Retouching

Oh gosh! Don’t we all have our own little problem areas we hate? Just know whatever that may be it can be magically removed or made less pronounced. I will not retouch you to be a different person. I only retouch the things we don’t always notice in real life but photos can make stand out more.

Images below are cropped to best display retouched areas.


If you have any questions at all about retouching please feel free to reach out to me.