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A book for you to consider in growing your boudoir photography business: “Boudoir Photography The Complete Guide to Shooting Intimate Portraits by Critsey Rowe”

In the past few years, boudoir has been one of the fastest growing trends in photography, led initially by modern brides’ desire to hand a more unique sexy photo album to their new husband on the wedding day. As the trend snowballs, more and more women want to look sexy in photographs. This genre is not limited to just the brides as clientele but all types of women in age, race, careers and so on. In this book one of the most experienced photographers shows you how to get started or just fine tune your already growing business. This is not old-fashioned glamour but an altogether new genre and this book represents the complete boudoir photographer’s manual. Whether you’re shooting at home or a professional looking to offer more variety to your clients; there are special tips boxes for those on a budget or looking to get the best from pro equipment. As well as a complete course in Boudoir, this book includes a fully illustrated posing reference chapter, with a range of different poses and what body types their suited to.

The book is sold online and is available in books stores in the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK.

About the book:
■ A one-stop guide to boudoir, from equipment, make-up, and styling, through the shoot itself, to a full range of digital post-production techniques.

■ Poses that will make any subject, whatever their build, look beautiful.

■ As well as the author’s own inspirational photography, the gallery chapter opens up a range of exciting possibilities for photographers new to the genre.

■ Realize the very real commercial prospects in boudoir photography with the tips and advice in the “pro tips.”

You can purchase the book on:
Random House
Better World Books
The Book Lounge
All Book Stores
EBook Networking
Random House (Canada)
Amazon (Canada)
McNally Robinson Books
Amazon (UK)

About the author:
Critsey Rowe has been at the forefront of the growing Boudoir Photography trend for many years. She teaches boudoir workshops and seminars across the nation and abroad. She has been a guest speaker about her Couture Boudoir brand on The Wedding Planning Audiocast on iTunes, a guest speaker for Pictage Users Group, interviewed by SavvyLiving!™ with Marcinho Savant, Interviewed by MimikaTV, Convention speaker for DWF at Imaging USA, Speaker for WPPI’s road trip and has been featured on The Perfect Pose and many other online resources.

Critsey is one of the Nation’s leading wedding photographers as well as boudoir. Her work has been published in many popular magazines, including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Today’s Bride, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, You and Your Wedding London, The Bride’s Book, Weddings Unveiled, The Knot, Carolina Bride and Queen City Weddings.

She has been a featured photographer on Platinum Weddings and several times on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on the WE Channel.

Boudoir book

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