The biggest key to having a good variety of images is bringing a good variety of lingerie. This includes bra and panty sets, nighties, slips, garter belt, stockings and Etc.

One of my favorite items that I think looks fabulous on every body type is the high wasted panty. There is just something so sexy about them. Of course they need to be form fitting or you may run the risk of looking like you have on granny panties! And we do not want that!

An added bonus is when they are embellished in some way. Do a little Google search for high waist panty to find your favorite pair.


I truly love what I do so when my clients send me sweet notes and sometimes presents I know I have done a great job! Recently I received this sweet compliment from one of my gorgeous clients:

“The shoot was absolutely awesome. I was nervous at first but you totally made me feel super comfortable and the pictures came out incredible, I felt like a supermodel!! Thank you so much Critsey! I’m so glad I did this shoot and can’t wait to give it to my fiancé!” ~ Ms S (soon to be a Mrs)


So you’re a little bit nervous about your upcoming session? Well don’t be! It will first of all be lots of fun. You are not only going to feel super sexy and walk away with some of the most amazing images of yourself, you are also going to look back and be like “why the heck was I nervous?”Still a little nervous? One way to calm your nerves it to bring some Champaign or your favorite wine.

Most photographers do not offer alcohol because of insurance reasons and state laws. In most states you have to have a license to serve alcohol when you are a legal business, but you are free to bring your own.

Now that we have that straightened out let me give you some more advice. Do not drink more then your “tipsy” limit. If this is one drink then stop there. You do not want to be too tipsy that you look that way in your photos.

Only drink enough to loosen you up…and only if you enjoy alcohol and you feel it will make you feel calmer.

Another way to calm your nerves is to bring a friend to your session. Someone that makes you laugh or someone you trust completely and you do not mind them seeing you in your undies.

Practice some facial expressions in the mirror before your session. This will make you more confident in your pouty look or your brilliant smile. Try out a sweet smile showing no teeth but smiling with the corners of your mouth. Also like Tyra says “Smile with your eyes”! There is not a sexier smile then this.

So go get in the mirror and get your sexy on!


I know it can be tricky finding oh so perfect outfits to wear for your boudoir shoot so today I am sharing some inspiration on what to wear. This lovely set is by Agent Provocateur and includes a matching garter belt. You can always mix and match by not wearing the garter belt for some photos and/or not wearing stockings. 
When looking for lingerie be sure to try everything on together to insure the perfect fit. This includes trying on stockings with your set to be sure they are the correct size. 
When you book with Couture Boudoir you will receive my ultimate Beauty Guide filled with tips and wardrobe suggestions. It covers a lot on choosing the best outfits for your photo shoot. 


   Most of my clients are doing their boudoir shoot as a gift for their significant other. Occasionally I have clients that do the shoot just for themselves for many different reasons, weight loss, plastic surgery, milestone birthday or just to document their awesome body. No matter the reason I love meeting my clients and hearing their story and most of all I love hearing what they think about their photos. 

Most of my clients tell me doing a boudoir session is a pretty empowering experience. Seeing yourself in photos that are sensual, sexy but tasteful can be liberating and a pretty hefty confidence boost. Ask any woman that I have photographed and she can tell you just how great an experience her session was and all in all just how much she adores the photos.

Want to experience a photo shoot with Couture Boudoir? Email me!


A few times now I have received a note from my clients significant other raving about their love’s boudoir photos. I cannot tell you how great it feels to receive such sweet letters. Here is a recent one I received:

“Hi Critsey!

I know we have never met, but I certainly feel like I know you well. It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since my wife’s Couture Boudoir photo shoot in NYC. Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your professionalism and quality of work. Even more importantly, a huge THANK YOU for what you have done for my wife, myself and our marriage.

I LOVE what you have done for my wife’s self esteem. I have always been able to love my wife for the beautiful woman she is, inside and out. She however, had struggled with her personal body image since our children were born. You have returned her confidence and as such, provided a daily happiness and sexiness that are so evident. My wife finally understands how I can still be so attracted and attached to her…for this I am most grateful.
I LOVE what you have done for our marriage. My wife rocks it in the bedroom again and often. Who wouldn’t love that?:)Of course, it goes way beyond the sheets. You have done more than you can imagine in strengthening our commitment to each other. As you once said, “The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.” I agree completely and this kiss has never been stronger between us.
I LOVE that I have been provided with the greatest Birthday gift a man could ever ask for. My “Little Black Book” is something I will always treasure and will help me to remember a wonderful turning point in our lives.
Thank you once again for everything. Continued success Critsey Rowe…you deserve it!!!
Hope to work with you again in the near future.

I wanted to share a sweet note one of my clients sent me recently:

“I cannot say enough positive things about my session. I felt more comfortable doing this session than I do getting company head shots:) That is really saying something because I’m normally so modest and never feel confident in my underwear. You made it easy and I’m so thrilled with the pictures! Your work is truly AMAZING.” ~CF

My number one goal for your photo shoot is to make you feel comfortable. While you are having your hair and makeup done for your boudoir session we will more then likely gossip about silly stuff and by the time the actual shooting starts you will be relaxed and ready to rock it like a super star. No need to worry about posing, I will coach you on everything. I also joke that it’s like doing yoga the first time because you feel weird in poses but after a few minutes you will say I got this! It really is much easier and fun then most people anticipate.:) 


Giving your groom a sexy little gift on your wedding night? Here are five tips on what to wear:

1. Your wedding veil will make for some very sexy photos. Whether you match it up with lingerie or bare it all underneath, this is a must have on your boudoir portrait day. If you don’t have your veil yet you can borrow one from your bridal boutique or buy tulle to use as a substitute veil.

2. Your wedding shoes. I mean really who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding heels as much as possible.

3. Wedding dress accessories such as your sash, headpiece, jewelry, garter and undies. Anything bridal is a great idea!

4. His wedding band. This can make for some really sweet photo opts plus he would never expect it.

5. His wedding shirt and tie. If he is renting his tux or suit drop by the rental and ask to borrow the same items for your photo shoot.

Bonus tip: Bring a bouquet, this makes for a great prop for sexy photos. Usually your florist can make a smaller version of your wedding day bouquet for a fraction of the cost. Or you can bring a store bought bouquet.

charlotte bridal boudoir

couture boudoir®

My style of boudoir photography is very tasteful, intimate and sensual. Any one of my clients photos could easily come off the page of Allure, Maxim, Elle or W Magazines to name a few. If you ever flipped through the pages and thought to yourself you would love photos like that, you are in the right place.

You do not need to be a celebrity to rock a magazine style photo shoot. I will coach you on posing and help you look and feel like a super model.

Want to learn more about my photo shoots? Contact me! 

When choosing outfits for your boudoir shoot think outside the box and bring items that might have fun or unique details. Bring a variety of items and I will do a wardrobe consultation on the day of your photo shoot. Once you book your shoot with me I will send my Beauty Guide filled with tips and ideas on wardrobe.

In the sheets photos are sexy implied nudes using just a sheet.  They are tasteful yet sensual leading the mind to wanting to see more. They are the perfect way to tease your guy and showing him just how sexy you can be. 

Want to learn more about my photo shoots? Email me! 

Bridal boudoir is one of the sexiest gifts a bride can give. The photo session can be tailored to fit your desired level of sexiness. Whether you want to have more modest bridal style pictures or photos that are on the more racy side. We will discuss what style fits your best.  

So often clients tell me how nervous they are before their photo shoot and I always tell them to relax and enjoy the experience. However, having had my own boudoir shoot I can understand it is hard to relax. But I can say from experience on both sides it is easier after the first few minutes and you see just how easy being photographed really is. I often joke it is like yoga and after you get your groove you breeze through the shoot. Yes, you can be a super model.
Want to talk to some real clients and hear first hand how their experience went. Email me and I will add you to our private Facebook group. Our group is for inspiring women to embrace their beauty. The group is filled with past, present and future Couture Boudoir clients. 


If you are looking for magazine quality boudoir photography that is stylish and tasteful be sure to look at my portfolio

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