The ever so gorgeous Ashlee Holmes

You might remember Ashlee Holmes as a teenager on The New Jersey Housewives but now after the show she is no longer a teen and is showing off her grown up sexy side. She is a beautiful and powerful woman.

She gave me permission to show her images because as a role model she wanted to share with all women just how empowering capturing your sensual side can be.

Here is a sneak peek of her session. Be sure to check back in a week or so to see more. Also follow @coutureboudoir on Instagram to see the already published images from her Couture Boudoir® session.

Ashlee Holmes lingerie shoot

All photos copyright Couture Boudoir®. Do not copy or repost images without photographer’s permission.


Gorgeous, as always, Critsey!

Thanks Carisa!


Love this so much Critsey Rowe! You are so f*ing talented.


Wow! Ashlee is all grown up now. No more teen drama with this beautiful woman. Go Ashlee!

Thanks Kelly!

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International boudoir photography

Paris Boudoir Photography

Paris France Boudoir Photography

Imagine packing your bags for an exciting girls trip to Paris, London, Venice or someplace warm and sunny in the Caribbean or Mexico.
The things you would pack for this trip may shock your mother but would make your man smile from ear to ear. A beautiful corset from La Perla, a bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret, your sexiest heels…

Boudoir Photography

Munich Germany Boudoir Photography

All of these things would be used for your private boudoir fashion shoot in one of the most amazing locations of your dreams. You would be pampered first with personal hair and makeup styling to create your sultriest look for your shoot. While you are being pampered you will have wardrobe styling to bring together your best outfit options.

Boudoir Photography

Mexico Boudoir Photography

Don’t worry about not knowing how to model or learning any poses for your session. I will show you how to pose and coach you through the session. By the end of your session you will feel like a super model and be able to rock out the sexiest of poses in a flash.

paris Boudoir Photography

Paris France Boudoir Photography

After your session you will choose your favorite images to be custom designed especially for you in a hard bound coffee table book. The book comes in many sizes so you may choose to be discreet and pick a smaller size that fits in your bedroom side table or you can go bold and choose a deluxe size to display in your living room. You better believe Claudia Schiffer has one of these beautiful albums on her coffee table so why shouldn’t you!? Trust me, when you see your images you will no doubt consider it.

Venice Boudoir Photography

Venice Italy Boudoir Photography

If you are doing the session for an anniversary or birthday present this would also make a romantic trip for you and your loved one. Maybe a trip back to your honeymoon location or someplace you both have always dreamed to travel to.

Boudoir Photography

Germany Boudoir Photography

Your session can be in a beautiful hotel room, on the beach or in front of the Eiffel tower if you choose. The options are endless.

Boudoir Photography

Munich Bavaria Boudoir Photography

Want to learn more? Or discuss a location that is special to you? Call or email me today.

Boudoir Photography

Venice Italy Fashion Boudoir Photography

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Choosing what to wear for your boudoir shoot

There are so many choices of what to wear for your boudoir shoot. Start with the basics and find sexy but delicate bra and panty sets that mold to your body shape. It is a good idea to go for a bra fitting and find out what the best size bra for you would be. You would be shocked at how many women are wearing the wrong size bra! Another option would be when trying on different style bras, take three sizes in the fitting room with you. Sometimes a certain style may need to be purchased in a smaller/larger size.

sexiest bras
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Boudoir session tip #19

Boudoir Session Tip #19

This is something not many women really think of but have you ever really looked at the bottom of your ever so sexy Christian Louboutins or your Jimmy Choos? Or maybe you are a Nine West girl. Same situation. Take a peek and if they are not photo ready then you may want to clean them or get creative with making them look pristine for their photo appearance.

I am not saying you need to run out and buy all new heels but be sure to bring your best kept shoes for your photo shoot. Retouching the bottom may be an additional charge by your photographer.

There are a few options besides buying new heels. Visit your local Shoe Cobbler to have your soles replaced or repaired. A Shoe Cobbler can even repair those iconic red soles of your Christian Louboutins. If this is out of your budget then consider doing a little DIY painting or glittering to the soles of your favorite sexy heels. You can find many tutorials on how to do this by Googling or looking on Pinterest.

NYC boudoir Photographer



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Boudoir Photo Session Tip #37

We love sharing our Boudoir Photo session tips. Here is Tip #37 How to have sexy legs for your shoot.

I am not going to lie – it will take a little preparation to get the sexiest legs for your shoot day.

Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate! Your skin will love you for it. For beautiful, glowing skin it’s absolutely necessary to exfoliate dead skin cells blocking the soft layer of skin underneath. Scrub away any dry skin then moisturize twice a day. Once immediately after you shower while your skin is still moist. It will help lock in the moisture. Then again before you go to bed.

Start this regimen now. It actually would not be a bad habit to continue.



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