One of the most wanted gifts by any man are boudoir photos of his special someone.

Give him a gift he will never forget and be super excited about – literally.

Forget the chocolate, forget the tie. Buy him something he cannot buy for himself. Sexy photos of you!

charlotte boudoir photographer

My main goal when photographing my clients is helping them find their feminine power. Just like men have this aura of masculinity and find pride in that, I feel women should not be made to feel ashamed of their sensuality. We are all sexual beings or we would not be here. There is so much healthy power in feeling confident in your body. 

If you lost that sexy feeling and want to get it back email me. Or maybe you just want to document your sensual side at this season in your life, no matter the reason send me an email and we can talk more. 

Need a very sexy gift for the Holidays? You are in the right place. Give him the best gift he could ever want – YOU! In sexy photos of course. Boudoir is not just a great gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or Husband, it is also a great gift for yourself.


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If you are looking for an amazing gift to give your partner, boyfriend, fiancé or husband for the holidays then you are in the right place! Boudoir photos are something he probably has always wanted but would never expect which makes it the best surprise. It is also the one gift he cannot purchase for himself. Any guy can buy himself a new set of golf clubs or a watch but boudoir, no not something he can run out and buy. This is why doing a boudoir shoot for him is the ultimate gift.

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There are no rules when it comes to getting dressed for a boudoir photo session. You don’t have to wear clothes. You also don’t have to be naked or topless. You can (and should) do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Your outfit, or lack thereof, should reflect your personality. If you feel uncomfortable, the photos will show that; on the flip side, if you feel attractive, even a typically basic outfit will come off as seductive and alluring. Take your time and decide what makes you feel the best. All in all this shoot may be for him but you will be the one to most benefit from your sexy photos if you truly love what you see.

I photograph women of all different ages, body types and backgrounds — as diverse as it gets. To me beauty isn’t defined by just one ideal.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are worthy.

Let me show you. Contact me for details on your very own boudoir shoot.

Guys, are you looking for the ultimate gift for your lady? Not only are boudoir and/or beauty sessions a romantic gift idea for women, they are truly unique. These type of sessions can be empowering and make any woman feel like a rockstar.
Let me tell you more… My Couture Boudoir® photo sessions are tasteful and classy. Very similar to magazine style fashion shoots. Your wife, fiancée or girlfriend will come to the shoot and first be pampered with hair and makeup styling. A wardrobe consultation will take place and then she will be photographed by me (a female photographer). I will coach her on posing so no modeling experience needed.  I have a range of packages to choose from. Special add-ons can be accommodated such as chocolate covered strawberries and red roses or maybe a bottle of her favorite perfume to make her feel even more sexy for her shoot.

The shoot can be styled in lingerie or in beautiful dresses. (the client supplies their own wardrobe). If your wife/girlfriend is more on the shy side a beauty shoot might be just the thing to bring her out of her shell. Both styles of sessions are sexy and sensual while being tasteful.

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Giving your groom a sexy little gift on your wedding night? Here are five tips on what to wear for your bridal boudoir photo shoot:

1. Your wedding veil will make for some very sexy photos. Whether you match it up with lingerie or bare it all underneath, this is a must have on your boudoir portrait day. If you don’t have your veil yet I have several different styles to choose from you may borrow for your photo shoot with me.

2. Your wedding shoes. I mean really who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding heels as much as possible.

3. Wedding dress accessories such as your sash, headpiece, jewelry, garter and undies. Anything bridal is a great idea!

4. His wedding band. This can make for some really sweet photo opts plus he would never expect it.

5. His wedding shirt and tie. If he is renting his tux or suit drop by the rental and ask to borrow the same items for your photo shoot.

Bonus tip: Bring a bouquet, this makes for a great prop for sexy photos. Usually your florist can make a smaller version of your wedding day bouquet for a fraction of the cost. Or you can bring a store bought bouquet.

I love receiving notes from my clients about how they enjoyed their session and photos…

Hi Critsey,

The session and photos are fantastic! It was so tough narrowing them down, and I know my fiance will love them! I honestly thought I would be super awkward and uncomfortable during the session, but you made it so easy to feel natural. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt so beautiful. I can’t wait to share the finished album with my fiance! : ) Thank you, B.E.

So often I have clients email me after receiving their photos to tell me how much they love how the images turned out. And they usually always share how the gift for their guy turned out to be an unexpected gift to themselves. You see, most women don’t even realize how the session will change how they see themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of women that do the session just for that reason – so they can see themselves as a sensual feminine being. But most don’t know until they see the photos just how sensual and amazing their bodies are. And the best part… Body size and type makes no difference. Every woman has this beautiful sensual side and sometimes they just need the right photographer to help them see it.

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For your boudoir photo session consider buying at least one new piece or set of lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess. There is just something about rocking out a new piece that will make you feel extra sexy.

Pictured above: Agent Provocateur Anikka Playsuit Midnight Blue.

The Seductive Anikka Playsuit is a dauntless mademoiselle with the naughtiest of intentions. This beautiful, high-legged body in dark violet blends timeless French Leavers lace with a ’90s-inspired cut for maximum impact. Its figure-hugging sheer lace base creates cheeky peek-a-boo detailing, with a scalloped edge at the high neckline and skirt effect detailing at the legline. Underwired cups create support and uplift, whilst the stretch chiffon straps can be tied as tight as you dare – but are just as easily untied. At the back, adjustable shoulder straps allow for a perfect fit, with a hook and eye clasp joining the back wings. More criss-cross strapping at the rear provides a very mischievous finish.

Boudoir photo sessions are not just a gift for him but can be an amazing gift to yourself. Women of all walks of life are finding empowerment by unleashing their sexy side. I have heard so many women say “I could never look like that” but let me tell you friend, yes you can!

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A lot of clients that book me say they choose me to be their photographer because they love my shooting style which is sensual but tasteful. I definitely view what I do as a fine art. I want to push boundaries but keep a level of standards that the photos could easily be published in a women’s magazine such as Allure or Vogue. I want my clients to walk away not only with pretty pictures but a inside view of their beauty. Sometimes we get stuck in our day to day life and don’t really see ourselves as others see us. Doing a boudoir or beauty shoot is a great way for women to express themselves and to see themselves in a different light. 

So you are too shy to do a boudoir shoot but you really want to capture your sexiness and allure? Well, this is just the thing for you! A styled beauty session (also known as glamour). Think of it as your own personal magazine style fashion shoot with hair and makeup and wardrobe styling. We can consult on what to wear, usually beautiful dresses, they can be full length, cocktail or any style that fits your personality or a mix of styles. I also have a fabulous wardrobe stylist that can take you shopping if you need help with pulling together the right look. If you don’t want to invest in buying dresses for the shoot Rent The Runway is a great way to save. There are also a few other resources for rentals. Want the learn more? Call or email today!

Being comfortable in front of a camera is empowering for women, and that major boost of confidence comes off as seriously sexy. Plus, what girl wouldn’t love to be a model for a day? After getting pampered and primped, an experienced photographer shoots your best angles in professional lighting – you’ll never imagine how gorgeous you’ll look in them. Remember, you may be doing a boudoir shoot for your guy, but you’re really doing it for you first.

Four Quick Tips For Being Boudoir-Ready
1. Don’t skimp when it comes to your hair, makeup or nails. Ask the photographer if she can arrange for somebody to be on set to beautify you pre-photo shoot. It’s always recommended to have a professional get you camera-ready. If you book with me all of my packages include hair and makeup styling.
2. You can be sexy without being naked. Likewise, you can be naked and not be very sexy. The only way to ensure you’ll get natural, alluring photos is to be comfortable, whether you’re in lingerie or nothing at all.
3. Having boudoir photos taken does not mean you need to know how model…which is a good thing. You don’t need to know your best angles – that’s why you’ve hired a professional photographer. You’ll be directed to get into different positions, so there’s no need to master poses before the shoot. So don’t worry about watching those project runway reruns.
4. You’re gorgeous, and your photographer agrees. You’re perfect for these boudoir photos as you are and there’s no need to wait until you lose ten pounds, get a tan or grow your hair out. Or five years might just go by and then you will wish you would have done this fives years ago. Just do it. You will not regret it.
Amp Up the Sexiness
It’s hard to imagine a boudoir photo session getting any more steamy, but you can amp up the sex appeal even more by bringing along some props. Would your guy love to see you wearing a pair of sky high stilettos or holding a playful whip? Maybe you want to promote your good girl-turned-vixen image by bringing along a pair of handcuffs and a lace mask. He would not know what hit him.

Power In Numbers
If you’re determined to give your guy a wrapped boudoir photo of you as a gift, but you’re just too nervous to go to the shoot alone, talk to your girl friends – some of them may have the same idea and the same reservations, too. Ask your photographer if you can book a boudoir party for you and your friends! Or, just bring along one trusted pal to stand on the sidelines and cheer you on.